Why Patterned Tiles Are 2019’s Top Trend

The team at our tile store in Anaheim have noticed that patterned tile is one of the strongest interior design trends of 2019. There are many reasons for its recent surge in popularity, including the fact that patterned tile has a major impact wherever it is placed. Therefore, it can quickly turn an otherwise drab area into a striking room. It brings a contemporary flair to any space, but also boasts a timeless quality that ensures it will remain stylish for many future years. Below are some additional reasons for the surging popularity of patterned tile:

Limitless Choices

Because of advances in technology, consumers can find virtually any pattern they have in mind when shopping for tile. They can even order customized tiles to reflect the exact colors and designs they prefer.  

Patterned Tiles Ideal for Any Size Space

Patterned tiles can be used in virtually any size space, from big to small. Regardless of where such tiles are placed, they have a huge impact on the room’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Go Grand or Basic

Whether it is a simple backsplash and residential floor or a large commercial project, the effect of a great tile pattern is immensely gratifying. From simple patterns to intricate designs and colors, patterned tile is a terrific choice regardless of the scale of the project.

The Perfect Way to Add Color

The appearance of neutral themed rooms can be instantly enhanced with the addition of a patterned tile floor in bold colors. From black and white designs, to primary shades such as red and blue, colored tiles create an enticing look and instantly add a stylish flare to any decor. Those who are unsure about whether they want to make a long-term commitment to a certain color pattern should simply consider tiles with a few neutral shades mixed in so that the room’s color scheme can be changed at a later point in time.

Ideal for Businesses

Patterned tile is currently trending among business owners as well, as it enhances customers’ experience by being visually stimulating. This is why most interior designers agree that it is the ideal choice for use in commercial settings.

The Timeless Effect of Patterned Tile

Ultimately, however, the primary reason patterned tile is currently so popular is its timelessness: in future years, it will have the same aesthetic appeal it has today, a trait that is advantageous to any consumer. However, those who are considering investing in one or more new tile floors should keep in mind that quality craftsmanship is important when selecting tile. Well manufactured, high-end tiles are usually worth the extra expense in the long run. A good designer can achieve outstanding results with patterned tile, making it a failsafe choice for virtually any consumer who wants a beautiful and enduring look for his or her home or office.

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