Top Interior Design Trends for This Fall

Autumn 2019 is right on target to be one of the most fun decorating seasons in quite some time. Here’s what we discovered when we asked our favorite interior designers about their top picks for this fall:

Edison Bulb String Lights

edison bulb string lights

Regardless of which designers we spoke to, Edison lighting popped up again and again. The homeowners we talked to at our tile store in Anaheim are loving the nostalgic design of Edison bulb string lights, which are especially homey and ideal for areas such as the kitchen, living room, study or work area. 

You can get Edison bulbs in contemporary LED variations if you want bulbs that use less power and don’t burn out as fast. However, incandescent Edison bulbs are still available on today’s market if you crave the authentic experience. 

Cacti and Succulents as Decorations

a counter of cacti plants

The designers we spoke to were all about decorating with succulents and cacti this fall. Pulling in those elements with their fantastic colors and textures can create virtually any mood, from sophisticated tranquility to quirky fun. 

Additionally, because you can build this look one plant at a time, it is also an enjoyable, creative fall project. Cacti and succulents lend themselves well to essentially any decor and are also easy on the budget. With all this in mind, it is not difficult to see why designers recommend this look for the new season.

Patterned Tiles Enjoy Popularity Surge

We were especially interested in tile trends this year and what designers are saying can’t be ignored: patterned tile is the perfect way to add interest and character to any space in your home. Always nudging into the limelight, patterned tiles have never really lost popularity among consumers. 

If you follow design trends even occasionally, you have likely seen patterned tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. 

Choose from cool or warm colors and simple or sophisticated patterns. Regardless of your personal preferences you can’t lose with this popular look.

Matte Finishes Steal the Show

The votes are in, and matte is back. Just when we thought shiny metals such as chrome were here to stay, matte finishes are suddenly stealing the show. The word among our favorite designers is that these non-glossy finishes are upstaging their flashy counterparts in many ways. 

Pastels, chalky grays, and white and black matte paints are leading the pack, as they pair very naturally with this fall’s furniture trends.

The velvety sheen of these finishes offers the perfect contrast to the sleek surface and natural walnut tones of mid-century wood furniture. They also create dramatic contrast to glamour elements, such as high-nap and medium-nap textiles, clear acrylic, and polished and burnished metals.  

Retro Decorations

Take a peek at the interiors with the most likes on Instagram, and you’ll notice many pieces of retro decor. This is because classic items such as hanging chairs, vintage globes, and teak consoles add character and charm to contemporary spaces.

 In fact, incorporating a mix of decorative styles from more than one era is a trick of the trade according to our favorite  designers. Especially popular this year is the relaxed, bohemian nature of the ’70s, which, according to the experts at our tile store in Anaheim, is an eclectic mix of nature inspired materials, such as exotic woods and textured fabrics.