Top Choices for the Strongest Tiles

porcelain tile

If you are searching for a strong, durable tile for a high-traffic area of your home, you will be pleased to discover there are a couple of options suitable for such a purpose. The following are some tips on choosing the strongest tile.

Popularity Versus Durability 

Naturally, cost is an aspect that must be considered when you are reflooring any room in your home. However, if it is a high-traffic area you plan to renovate, durability is just as important, if not more so. This is because a cheap tile that breaks easily can end up making the project more expensive than if you had selected a stronger tile in the beginning.

When visiting tile stores in Anaheim, you will likely notice that the most popular choices for home tile are porcelain ceramic and non-porcelain ceramic. Various floor covering types are also available, such as wood, vinyl or stone. All such materials are popular and are designed to be somewhat durable, but following are some tips that will help make the selection process much easier if your primary goal is to choose the strongest tile.

Differences Between Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Since porcelain is essentially a type of ceramic, there are many similarities between the two, but they are not identical. For this reason, it is easier to think of ceramic tiles as either porcelain or non-porcelain. In most cases, porcelain ceramic tiles are denser and stronger than their non-porcelain counterparts. This is because ceramic tiles are manufactured from clay fired in a kiln. With the exception of terra-cotta, most tiles made from non-porcelain ceramic are finished with a glaze. Nevertheless, they are relatively soft and therefore only offer moderate sturdiness when compared to porcelain tiles.

ceramic tile in bathroom

ceramic tile

Although porcelain tile is made from clay as well, it is typically fired at a hotter temperature and is manufactured with a technique referred to as “dust-pressing.” This production method results in a tile that is more durable, harder to stain, and denser than non-porcelain tile. For this reason, porcelain tiles are much tougher than non-porcelain ceramic tiles and are a good option for areas exposed to major wear and tear. Because they are damage resistant, they are a solid choice for high-traffic rooms and can even withstand heavy commercial traffic.

Stone Offers Other Options for Strong and Durable Tile

natural stone tile

natural stone tile

Natural-stone tile is another very attractive option that offers great strength and excellent longevity. In this category, granite and slate are the best two choices. This is because they are both hard wearing and very strong, and therefore suitable for kitchen floors and other areas subjected to a significant amount of foot traffic.

Granite is an igneous rock that is both hard and dense. It has a distinctive, speckled appearance due to the minerals found inside. It is virtually impervious to wear and tear, and after it has been polished, it even becomes scratch resistant.

Slate is the other extremely sturdy choice in the natural-stone category. Slate is a metamorphic rock that has a similar density to that of granite. Slate tiles typically have a naturally textured surface, although it is possible to find tiles of this kind that have been honed and smoothed down.

Strongest, Most Durable Floor Tiles

There are numerous tile options from which to choose, but for heavy-traffic areas, porcelain and natural stone, or granite and slate, are the best options.

porcelain tile

porcelain tile


Finally, whichever tile you select, make sure you hire a professional to ensure the installation is properly completed. Visit our tile store in Anaheim for more information and help on making this important decision in your home decor.