One of the easiest ways to add spark to your remodeling project is to try out some of the newest tile design trends. Tiles can add pizzazz to your indoor or outdoor space and transform any area into an outstanding space. Tile is a versatile, durable, low maintenance, and outdoor-friendly material which becomes an excellent investment for your space. 

You will have a plethora of options with colorful and textured patterns that will fit any lifestyle, taste, or budget. 

Our tile store in Anaheim will show you the biggest tile trends for the year 2020. 


Embrace your inner bohemian with handmade finishes, exotic patterns, and unexpected color combinations. We suggest a matte finish to help with slip resistance, which is perfect for wet bathroom floors. Or utilize bohemian mosaic tiles that are affixed to sheets. This will help with quick installation and lower labor costs. These tiles look incredible with artwork and ornate frames. 


Classic and simple, the white subway tile is a perfect way to update any space. Keep the lines clean and accessorize with modern furniture and fresh greenery. To help give the illusion of a higher ceiling, try laying the tiles in a vertical pattern. For a broader feel in your space, utilize a horizontal design. These tiles look especially fresh as the backsplash in your kitchen or shower. 


If you love the look and feel of wood surfaces, but need something resistant to humidity and moisture, look no further than faux-timber tiles. These tiles provide visual warmth and natural appeal to any room. They mimic the easy upkeep and durability of porcelain tiles, but add a rustic feel. You can update any room with faux-timber tiles for a seashore feel and coastal-inspired style. Make sure to contrast your faux timber with white surfaces to avoid the “tiny sauna” feel and enhance the natural grain of faux timber. The herringbone pattern is a grand way to give a luxurious feel to any room; make sure to color match your grout for a seamless look and feel. Another tip from our tile store in Anaheim is to purchase extra tiles for future repairs. 


Although the color of your grout may not be on the top of your list, choosing the proper grout color can make or break the overall look of your design. If you’re looking for a dramatic look, try a contrasting grout color. For a more subtle alternative, choose a color that matches or is similar to your tile. Frequently cleaning the grout will keep it and your tile looking fresh. 

Regardless of your design choice, these options are a great place to start your redesign project. Keep in mind the look and feel that you are trying to achieve with your redesign. Match your style with the above options for the best boost to your design needs—and you are set!