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The Many Benefits of Marble Countertops and Flooring

Luxury Kitchen With Marble CountertopMarble has been admired for its beauty and elegance for many centuries. Some of the most instantly recognizable monuments, buildings and statues around the world are made from marble. But marble tile floors and counters don’t just look great, they have several other advantages too. The experts at our tile store in Anaheim have put together a list highlighting the benefits of using marble tile.


Marble is stronger and more durable than you might think. In fact, a marble tile floor will typically last up to five times as long as other materials, before you even need to think about having to replace it. And if you have marble countertops, you’ll find that the surface is resistant to cuts, scratches and chips. The fact that it lasts much longer also saves money of course, and marble tile appeals to prospective buyers if it’s time to sell your home. A home with marble tile floors and counters will almost certainly be worth more and will sell faster than a comparable home without.

Food Preparation

It isn’t just its durability that makes marble such a good choice for counters. A marble countertops always stays below room temperature, making it the ideal surface for preparing food, baking and cooking. Marble countertops can be found in many pizza restaurants and bakeries, for that very reason. And marble is heat resistant, meaning that your chances of burning, or melting a marble countertops are just about nonexistent. In fact, it isn’t hard to see why marble is one of the best materials there is for the kitchen counter.


You may not have given too much thought to the healthy qualities of marble tile flooring, although it is the ideal choice if you have allergy sufferers in your home. The material is naturally bacteria resistant, meaning that pollen, dust and pet dander aren’t as likely to accumulate. Think of how much pet dander and other debris is trapped in the typical carpet. If someone in your household needs to avoid dust as much as possible, it is an ideal and healthy choice of flooring.

Low Maintenance

Keeping your marble surface looking as good as new is simple. Marble is a material that will look just as good in your home in 25 years as it does today. And cleaning up spills is easy, whether on a marble tile floor or a counter, thanks to the moisture resistant properties. Most spills are easily removed with a dry cloth and a bowl of soap and water, and if you spill red wine or anything else that can be a challenge to remove, marble surfaces won’t retain a permanent stain after removing the spill.


Marble tile is an obvious choice for the bathroom or the kitchen, although it can actually be used effectively in just about any room in your home. If you are using marble tile in a small room, you may find that the room appears a little larger than it really is, as marble reflects the room’s light with its natural glow. Most flooring companies that specialize in marble offer a range of options, and you can usually find plenty of colors and designs, making it easy to find the finish that looks just right. Although the material is durable, it’s surprisingly easy to shape and cut, meaning that you can choose from different edging designs for counters, such as straight, chiseled or beveled.

Considering the many benefits of marble tile, it’s easy to see why the experts at our Anaheim tile store consider marble to be the best material for counters and flooring.