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The Best Tiles for Outdoor Projects

back yard pool areaChoosing the right tile is essential for successful and lasting outdoor projects. In fact, patio tiles are great for outdoor work — since they can withstand inclement weather and harsh elements. These tiles are also easy to install and maintain, while offering a myriad of countless design options to meet all your needs. With true durability, versatility and longevity, outdoor tiles continue to enhance numerous outdoor living spaces and projects. However, not all tiles are designed equally — and therefore — it’s important to choose the right type to correlate with your existing project. With that in mind, the experts at our tile store in Anaheim have put together this guide for choosing your outdoor tile.

When choosing outdoor tiles, here are some of the facets to keep in mind:


Your tile work needs to stand up against rain, as well as sun-rays. Similarly, it must be able to deflect excessive moisture and damp conditions. With this in mind, you need durable outdoor tiles with strong surfaces, but not too porous. The ultimate goal is to install tiles that are strong and designed to last for years to come. However, they should also be self-sustainable for the most part — requiring little to no maintenance.


Outdoor patio tiles must also be hard and dense. In fact, tiles that are too soft can easily be susceptible to cracks and chips. Similarly, falling branches, twigs, and even tree limbs can seriously damage soft tiles. They are also susceptible to cracking due to acidic beverage spills, especially lemonade.

Non-slip Surfaces

Outdoor patio tiles should also be slightly abrasive to prevent slipping. It’s a fact that outdoor tiles can get slippery when wet — especially if they come into contact with rain or garden sprinkler systems. With this in mind, you need tiles that offer optimal slip-resistance to prevent accidents and mishaps. No truer is this than for tiles that lead into or encompass outdoor pools and Jacuzzi.


Outdoor tiles must be able to withstand harsh weather and elements. However, if the tiles are too porous, they will absorb any water they come in contact with. This is harmful to tiles since they can crack and dislodge — especially in freezing temperatures. With this in mind, you need to look for outdoor tiles that can sustain the weather changes and keep your projects intact.

We’ve put together a list of the best tile materials for your outdoor project, all of which can be found at our Anaheim tile store.


Granite is the least porous and hardest of all natural stones. It’s known for its strength, durability and resiliency. Granite also holds up to adverse weather conditions and especially colder temperatures. It is even available in solid white, solid black and other color variations.


Marble is slightly more porous than granite, and is the second hardest of all natural stones. It too is known for its durability and resiliency, but needs to be sealed. Marble is available in a wide array of colors and variations, as well as beautiful veining and rough or polished finishes.


Limestone is known for its softness and rich, light-colored appearance. It is very porous and must be sealed for optimal stain protection. Limestone is available in a wide range of colors: brown, white, and tumbled or polished finishes.


Travertine is similar to limestone and features lime deposits. It too is very porous and requires sealing to prevent stains. From white to deep brown, travertine comes in a variety of colors, as well as polished or tumbled finishes.

If you need help deciding on a material, call our tile store in Anaheim today to speak with one of our experts! (714) 284-0118