Luxury Vinyl Tile A Beautiful and Resilient Flooring Option

If you have visited tile stores in Anaheim, you have probably noticed the recent popularity of luxury vinyl tile. Sometimes referred to as simply LVT, this type of tile has several benefits that make it an exceptional choice. Below are some pros and possible cons about this unique flooring option:

Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Tile

Design Flexibility

A type of hard flooring, luxury vinyl tile offers a vast array of design options, some of which can very effectively replicate the appearance of wood or natural stone. This is a great advantage to homeowners, as en expensive look is achieved without the expensive price tag. Wood grain patterns can even be embossed on the tile to give it an entirely realistic feel. A common misconception concerning luxury vinyl is that after a certain amount of use, the designs will wear away. But that doesn’t happen, because the film layer of the tile is where the design is printed and is therefore protected by the wear layer. This clear, protective film guards against scratches and scuffs and protects the printed design so that it cannot be “walked off.”

LVT Kitchen

Easy Maintenance

Many types of hard flooring are notoriously challenging to clean and maintain. Stone and natural wood floors require particular maintenance steps in order to avoid surface damage or staining. Luxury vinyl tile has only the maintenance requirement of keeping it clean, so the steps are much simpler and not nearly as labor-intensive as other hard-surface flooring options. LVT features a protective layer that does not require polishing or waxing on a regular basis. Rather, you simply sweep and mop as you would any surface in order to maintain the floor’s beautiful appearance. Depending on the wear layer’s thickness, it may last for up to a decade before reapplication is required.


Finally, affordability is a top benefit of this type of tile, as it offers the same beautiful appearance of its more expensive counterparts. For this reason, if you like the look of wood or stone, but are renovating on a budget, LVT is an outstanding choice.

Virtually any type of flooring is associated with both advantages and disadvantages. Although the pros certainly outweigh the cons with regard to luxury vinyl, below are the two possibly negative aspects you may wish to consider before deciding on it.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Possible Disadvantages of Luxury Vinyl Tile

Increased Noise Levels

Any type of hardwood flooring can increase noise levels. Fortunately, however, luxury vinyl tile scores tops for noise abatement among all types of hardwood flooring. Therefore, this is not as big a disadvantage as it may at first seem.

Lower Comfort Levels

All reputable tile stores in Anaheim will probably tell you that although LVT is certainly a great choice for hard-surface flooring, it may not be the best option for those who want the comfort levels of wall-to-wall carpeting. Nevertheless, if these are not major issues for you and those who live in your home, luxury vinyl tile is an affordable and attractive choice that will add beauty and charm to any dwelling in which it is placed.