Limestone Tile Maintenance

Limestone CloseupLuxurious limestone tile is the flooring choice for many discerning consumers. Lovers of limestone say it reminds them of the ocean, the sand, and blissful summer days. This construction material has been prized by interior designers, architects, and homeowners in general for years. Limestone is one of many natural building materials and is often used in homes and commercial properties in tandem with marble and granite. Limestone tile has varying textures depending upon the quality of the stone and the builder’s preference.

What is Limestone?

Limestone is an organic sedimentary rock that is made over centuries by settling sand and sediment. It usually forms in warm ocean waters, but it is not unheard of for limestone to be created in inland lakes. Most of the world’s oceans host areas where limestone is formed. This rock is often harvested from areas where ancient oceans existed, far from current bodies of water.  There are various varieties of limestone, each featuring unique textures and colors. Most commonly, limestone used in construction is gray, yellow, brown, white and occasionally, black.

Maintaining Your Limestone Floor

At our tile store in Anaheim, we hear from a lot of folks who have limestone in their homes, and have questions as to how it should be maintained. Limestone flooring should receive regular care in order to maintain its beauty. Before placement, each tile is polished. The finished product can have one of several different finishes, ranging from a matte finish, also referred to as “honed”, to a high gloss. Interestingly, limestone also has anti-bacterial properties. It can also be quite porous, so proper care is a must.


Limestone tiles should be sealed on a regular basis. The perfect sealant will repel stains and prevent damage from general wear and tear. Before the initial sealing, and between applications, the tile should be cleaned. It is vital that the stone is cleaned properly before sealing. Limestone is porous and depending on the finish, may require more than one coat of sealer. Tiles with a matte finish are much more porous than those with a glossy finish.


Just like your carpet, limestone tile should be vacuumed. However, be sure to disable the rotating brush or use a canister-type vacuum cleaner. If dirt is left on the tile, when people walk over it the dirt is ground against the tile. This process can dull the shine of the floor. It is always a good idea to use rugs or mats near entryways to trap excess sand, dirt, and debris. In lieu of vacuuming, sweeping with a good quality broom will also clear away debris. After vacuuming or sweeping, the tile can be mopped with a pH neutral cleaning solution that has been diluted with water. Due to the way limestone is constructed, acidic cleaners could harm the tile. Be sure to avoid homemade cleaners, as these could damage the floor. Once the cleaning is complete, the floor should be allowed to dry completely before sealing.


Effective maintenance of the tile will help maintain its finish and prevent stains from setting. As soon as a spill occurs it should be cleaned up. If this is not done, staining could occur. Although stains can be removed with special stone cleaners or poultices, it is easier to simply prevent the stain from setting. Periodically the tile should be steamed. Over time, small pockets full of dirt and moisture can form, which can cause darkening. Steaming can remove these areas. With the proper care, limestone tiles will remain beautiful for many years to come.

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