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Top Kid-Friendly Flooring Solutions

child coloring on floor

If you have children, you know how hard they can be on most types of flooring. Whether from the accidents and spills that occur when they are very young, or the constant foot traffic you can expect during their teen years, your floors are continuously put to the test. Damage from the use of toys, mud and dirt tracked in from outside, and spills and stains from beverages and food can all make the floors in your home quickly lose their attractive appearance. That’s why the experts at our tile store in Anaheim, have put together this list of the top flooring options that are child-friendly:

Child-Friendly Flooring Solutions

Fortunately, certain flooring options are much more child-friendly than others, making it easier than you may think to have floors that are capable of retaining a beautiful surface even with a house full of youngsters. Some especially good options include porcelain, quartz, and certain types of natural stone. Below are some of the most kid-friendly flooring materials available on today’s market:

Traffic-Resistant Quartz

Quartz flooring is an all-natural flooring solution comprised of calcium carbonate and quartz sand. It is this unique combination that gives it its beautiful, luxurious appearance. However, quartz is also one of Earth’s hardest materials, and therefore is a great choice for areas that receive heavy foot traffic. If you have teenagers who are constantly on the go, you can rest assured that quartz flooring will withstand the daily wear and tear their foot traffic brings.

Tough Porcelain

Because porcelain tile is engineered specifically for toughness, it is also a perfect option for households with children and for use in high traffic areas. It has a particularly hard surface, which makes it highly resistant to scratches and other types of damage. It is also a spill resistant choice, which is another great child-friendly feature. The tough surface of this type of flooring ensures that it will retain its beautiful appearance year after year.

Stain-Resistant Stone

Stone tile is naturally resistant to daily wear and tear. This is especially true regarding harder materials such as granite. For this reason, natural stone is a stylish option for essentially any room in your dwelling, and many varieties keep their beautiful finish in spite of high activity. However, slate, travertine and other natural types of stone at the softer end of the spectrum may require more maintenance to prevent the signs of wear and tear from becoming apparent. Therefore, you should carefully review all your options when considering natural stone tile to make sure you find one that is stain resistant and able to hold up well under heavy foot traffic.

The aforementioned flooring materials are versatile as well as attractive, offering the ideal combination of benefits to homeowners with children. Finally, all of the options mentioned above can be found in various shades, making it easy to find one that blends well with your home’s existing decor. You can also find all of these options at our Anaheim tile store! Call us today so we can help you choose the perfect tile flooring for your project!