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How To Clean Marble Tile And Granite Tile

mopping marble tileGranite tile is often used for flooring because of its exceptional beauty and durability. The same holds true for marble tile which can be found in many homes. They have the ability to transform rooms into incredibly attractive spaces. However, these two materials are known to be porous and sensitive. Spills can leave unsightly stains unless they are cleaned off right away. The tiles also respond differently to some cleaning materials, so utmost care is necessary to prevent damage. We often receive questions at our tile store in Anaheim regarding how to clean marble and granite. We’ve put together this guide to help keep your tiles clean and looking brand new!

A Note on Cleaning Products

Remember that these tiles are made from natural materials. If you want to avoid chemical damage, use specially formulated granite and marble cleaners instead of generic products. You should be particularly wary of ceramic tile cleaners as these have the tendency to dull the shine of marble. Check the labels to learn more about the contents. Avoid those that have extreme acidity or alkalinity. Don’t use DIY cleaning mixes that feature vinegar and the like. Prevent scratches by steering clear of rough scouring pads and wheeled vacuum cleaners. Use soft cloth instead, and apply it gently on the surface.

Removing Dirt and Scuff Marks

If you observe any problematic spots on the floor, act quickly to get rid of the dirt, mark or spill. You should use a pH-neutral cleaning product that is designed specifically for these tiles if you want the best results. If there is none available, then you may improvise by diluting liquid dish-washing soap in water. Dip a soft microfiber cloth or a similar material into the solution and start wiping away. Try this on a small discreet spot first for testing before moving on to a larger area. Gently rub the surface in straight lines. Once you are satisfied, use dry cloth to buff it up and get it shiny again.

Periodic Cleaning Best Practices

Don’t wait until you find problems before lifting a finger. Floor cleaning should be done regularly as dirt builds up on the surface over time. Use a mop to cover the whole area within a reasonable time. As advised earlier, specialty cleaners are ideal for this purpose. The mild dish washing solution may also be used as an alternative. Dip the mop in the solution and begin to wipe the floor in short strokes. Be gentle to avoid scratches. Once you have covered the whole floor, dip the mop in a bucket of cold water and use this to remove the soap residue. Finally, get dry microfiber cloth to dry things down and make the surface shine.

Long-term Care and Maintenance

Never ignore wetness or leave it to dry naturally. The moisture will seep into the tiles and create water marks. Always use clean soft cloth to wipe liquids away. Reduce the need to clean the floor by catching dirt at the entrances with floor mats and the like. Make it a habit to take off your shoes and switch to indoor footwear after entering the house. Use floor sealants to shield the surface from common forms of damage.