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Five Reasons to Choose Porcelain Tile for Your Next Renovation Project

Empty room with porcelain tile flooringTrying to decide what kind of tile to use in your home can be a challenging endeavor. If you are wondering which type is best for your next renovation project, the experts at our tile store in Anaheim highly recommend that you consider porcelain. Porcelain is created by heating various types of clay to high temperatures, and the innovative techniques used in the manufacturing process have made the substance a suitable choice for use on floors and in other areas of your home. Below are some reasons why porcelain tile makes a great choice for your next remodeling project:

Porcelain Tile is Beautiful

If you are redecorating and want to add a beautiful touch to your dwelling, porcelain tile is a great choice. Not only does it come in a variety of colors and designs, it makes a lovely addition to numerous surfaces in your dwelling, such as floors and walls. It can also be used as a decorative border in a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, it adds a beautiful touch to ceilings, back splashes, countertops, and can even be used as a lovely border around outdoor fountains.


Because porcelain is dense, hard and water resistant, it offers exceptional durability. This makes it the perfect choice for high traffic areas of your home that may be prone to extra wear and tear. Its water resistant surface makes it an excellent option for bathrooms and kitchens as well.

Easy to Maintain

Porcelain tile is also exceptionally easy to maintain. It does not chip in freezing temperatures or warp in warm temperatures. For this reason, you do not have seasonal repairs that are often necessary with wood flooring or ceramic tiles. Additionally, the folks at our tile store in Anaheim mentioned that if normal cleaning measures are implemented, you need not worry about the tiles staining or becoming scratched.

A Variety of Options

Most homeowners are happy to discover that there is an abundance of options from which to choose when selecting porcelain tile. This is because unlike carpeting or wood, which are typically one solid color, porcelain tiles can be purchased in essentially any design or pattern you desire. For this reason, it is not difficult for most consumers to find a tile that is appealing.

A Cost Effective Choice

Porcelain tile holds off moisture and does not chip and crack as easily as other types of decorative materials. Additionally, it holds up well as flooring option, even in high traffic areas. Because of the exceptional durability associated with porcelain tile, it ultimately costs you less money than other options. Naturally, other types of tiles can be purchased for a bit less money, but they must also be replaced more frequently, which leads to wasted time and extra expense.

It is always wise to have porcelain tiles installed by a reliable contractor, as this is the best way to ensure a satisfactory outcome from your renovation project. With proper installation care, porcelain tiles can be used in a variety of ways to add beauty and charm to your home for many years to come.