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Eight Benefits of Travertine Flooring

Modern Home HallwayTravertine is a highly popular, natural-stone flooring option found in many homes throughout the country. Known for its durability, beauty, and interesting appearance, this type of stone is essentially a kind of limestone, which is formed when certain minerals are dissolved by groundwater. It is this process that gives the stone its unique and beautiful look. Below you’ll hear from the professionals at our tile store in Anaheim regarding the eight biggest benefits associated with tile flooring of this kind:

Water and Moisture Resistant

Travertine floors are highly resistant to moisture and water. This helps prevent mold and mildew in any area where these tiles are installed. Additionally, because tiles of this kind are most often used in kitchens and bathrooms–where mildew and mold tend to proliferate at a rapid pace– flooring of this type is also a practical choice.

Aesthetic Appeal

Travertine tiles feature a timeless appeal and beauty with which few materials can compete. The classic, distinct appearance of these tiles is characterized by a somewhat weathered look, the latter of which gives it a highly unique quality. In fact, it is believed that the stone dates back to ancient Roman times.

Easy to Cut and Shape

Flooring of this type works well in virtually any space, including small spaces or areas that are uneven. The reason it lends itself well to any floor layout is because travertine tiles are easy to shape and cut. This cannot be said about many other flooring options.

A Variety of Finishes and Colors

Travertine tile also comes in a wide variety of colors, which many interior designers in Anaheim find advantageous. Consumers can choose from tan, brown and beige, or opt for white, gold or rusty, red tones when selecting the shade. After the perfect color is found, homeowners can also customize their flooring by choosing from among several finishes. For example, travertine flooring can be polished, textured, brushed, tumbled or honed, and each finish offers an appeal all its own.


Similar to most natural stone flooring, travertine tiles are exceptionally durable and hold up well under heavy foot traffic. The hardness rating of this stone is comparable to marble, but unlike other types of stone, it handles extreme temperature changes very well. This durability makes it a suitable choice for both indoor and outdoor settings. In addition, tiles made from such stone offer exceptional longevity when cared for appropriately.


Travertine can be purchased in numerous forms, and for this reason it is suitable for additional uses, such as counter tops, wall facades and sink basins. Therefore, consumers who want to match walls, sinks, or counters to their new flooring will find that this can be done without much difficulty.

Easy Maintenance

Although travertine flooring requires slightly more maintenance than floors made from ceramic or marble, maintaining these tiles is an easy endeavor if the appropriate cleaning and sealing products are used. For example, spills should be wiped up immediately with a manufacturer-recommended cleaner, and the tiles should be swept frequently to prevent the floor from sustaining scratches. However, as long as these simple tasks are completed, this type of stone is relatively low maintenance.

A Cost-Effective Option

Homeowners who want the beauty of natural stone, but find most options in this category cost-prohibitive should consider travertine tiles. Although this kind of stone is still considered a luxury option, it is often much more cost-effective than granite, marble, and similar alternatives.

If you have a home improvement project that you’re trying to accomplish on a budget, call our Anaheim tile store today!