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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Tile Looking Great

woman cleaning tile with tooth brush

Dirty, stained tiles are unattractive regardless of where they are found, and can make your bathroom or kitchen appear dingy and lackluster. Fortunately, it is not difficult to remedy this situation by following a few of the simple tips from the experts at our tile store in Anaheim.

Proper Cleaning Techniques for Tiles

There is a broad range of all-purpose cleaning products available on today’s market with which you can effectively clean your tiles. Always follow the specific directions regardless of which product you choose. As a general rule, for simple cleaning, you should begin by spraying the tiles with a light coating of the selected formula. Allow it to sit on the tiles for approximately fifteen minutes. Then, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down the tiles.

If you prefer natural cleaning solutions, you can create your own formula with the following:

  • One gallon of clean water
  • Quarter cup of borate detergent
  • Half a cup of ammonia
  • Half cup of white vinegar

Once the formula is mixed, place a thin layer of baking soda over your tiles and then add your homemade cleaning solution. Scrub the tiles until all dirt and film are removed.

Dealing With Mineral Buildup and Hard Water Stains

If your bathroom tiles have a buildup of limescale or have been affected by hard water stains, you should invest in a mild limescale remover formula. In most cases, extra strength formulas can compromise the protective finish of the tiles, so these should be avoided if possible. If you prefer a natural formula for this task as well, simply dilute a gallon of warm water with half a cup of warmed vinegar and spray a generous coating over the tiles, allowing it to sit for several minutes before rinsing. We also recommend consulting with the staff at your Anaheim tile store to see what their advice is for the specific tile you have in your home.

Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning is perhaps one of the most dreaded household tasks. However, there is a simple, easy and inexpensive way to clean the grout in your home. Simply mix equal parts of cream of tartar and lemon juice until you achieve a thick pasty consistency. Take a soft bristled brush and scrub the grout with the paste until it once again looks like new. There are also commercial grout cleaners available, but this simple homemade remedy is often more effective.

Routine Care Tips to Prevent Stains and Limescale Buildup

Instead of having to indulge in heavy cleaning several times a year, it is easier to simply maintain the cleanliness of your tiles on a regular basis. For example, you should spray down your home’s tiles once every three to four weeks with a solution consisting of one gallon of water to which two tablespoons of all-purpose cleaner is added. Place the solution on the tiles for approximately 15 minutes and then gently wipe with a damp sponge. This activity goes a long way toward preventing heavy stains and the need for excessive cleaning.

Dirty, lackluster tiles can make even the most attractive rooms look dingy and drab. Fortunately, by following the tips outlined above you can keep your tiles looking new and attractive. Finally, if limescale and hard water are serious problems, you may also wish to invest in a water softener or a whole house filtration system.