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Great Choices for Your New Bathroom Flooring

Remodeled bathroom floor

Many homeowners select flooring based on appearance. This is certainly not surprising, as virtually everyone wants their home to look beautiful. Nevertheless, if you are visiting a tile store for the purpose of renovating your bathroom floor, performance is as important as visual appeal. This is because moisture can quickly ruin certain types of flooring, which is an expensive problem to remedy. Below are some of the best options for your new bathroom floor, as well as which materials to avoid:

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is a great choice for a bathroom, as it is cost-effective, waterproof, and adds a stylish flare to any home. With porcelain tile, it is easy to achieve that solid, textured, rich feeling that is always preferred in a bathroom. Fairly inexpensive, waterproof and aesthetically pleasing, it is difficult to go wrong with porcelain tile. Ceramic tile is equally as lovely and because there are so many options with such tiles, creating the exact floor you have in mind is not difficult. Fortunately, both types of flooring are also easy to clean and maintain.

Natural Stone

A good choice for a bathroom, natural stone is beautiful, durable and hard. It can even help boost the resale value of your home. Natural stone tiles blend well with any decor and textured varieties are also available if you prefer a non-slip floor. Moisture problems are typically not an issue with natural stone, which is another big plus if you find this material appealing.

Vinyl Flooring: Tile, Plank, or Sheet

If you have visited a tile store in Anaheim recently, you have probably noticed that vinyl floors are both great-looking and practical. This is why vinyl has maintained its popularity as a bathroom flooring choice for decades. If you are redecorating a child’s bathroom or expect extreme amounts of water, sheet vinyl flooring is the best choice in this category. For a luxurious option, consider vinyl plank flooring. Traditional vinyl tile is also a failsafe option for almost any bathroom.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a terrific alternative to solid wood where bathrooms are concerned, This is because of its dimensional stability. Featuring a plywood base that withstands moisture, engineered wood offers you the best of both worlds: it looks genuine, due to its authentic hardwood veneer, but holds up well under high moisture due to the engineered wood underneath. If your heart is set on real wood, this is the best flooring choice.

Laminate Flooring

When planning to visit your local tile store in Anaheim, make sure you do not overlook laminate flooring. A traditional favorite for bathrooms, this material is made from a wood chip base over which resin-impregnated paper is installed. The laminate plank surface is actually a photograph of marble, slate, cherry, oak, or any other type of stone or wood you find appealing. It is topped with a transparent “wear layer” and its tight seams make it difficult for moisture to enter. Cost-effective and easy to clean, laminate flooring is a solid choice.

Bathroom Flooring to Avoid

As previously mentioned, not all materials work well in the bathroom. For example, solid hardwood and wall-to-wall carpeting offer little protection against moisture. Even a tiny amount of water will eventually ruin carpet or rot wood. Therefore, stick to the beautiful and practical options outlined above for a new floor you can be proud of for many years to come.

Pros and Cons of Laminate & Engineered Wood Flooring

engineered hard wood

Most homeowners would agree that new flooring is a major investment, and therefore spending time researching all the available options is essential prior to making a final decision. If you have visited a tile store in Anaheim, you may have noticed that engineered hardwood and laminate flooring are very similar. However, each is associated with its own advantages and disadvantages. Below are some facts about these two attractive options:

Laminate Flooring

Over the past few years, significant advancements have been made regarding the manufacturing of laminate flooring. At one time, it was quite easy to see a distinct difference between laminated floors and other flooring materials, but this is no longer the case. Laminate flooring is very attractive and sometimes even occasionally difficult to distinguish from genuine wood. This type of flooring uses a synthetic version of wood on its upper surface to create its beautiful appearance, while underneath there are several layers of compressed materials. In other words, it is essentially a high-quality image of wood that is topped with a sturdy, transparent protective layer.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is usually comprised of multiple layers of wood that form a plank. There are typically between three and 12 core and bottom layers, which are made from materials such as unfinished hardwood, compressed plywood or fiberboard. A finishing layer is then placed on top, which is a thin veneer of genuine wood. Engineered wood flooring is similar to solid hardwood due to the thin slice of natural wood that is placed on top of the plywood base. The finished product is beautiful and natural, and looks like a real hardwood floor.

Making the Best Choice

There is no right or wrong choice when you are deciding between laminate flooring or engineered wood flooring, as different homeowners have different needs.

  • Laminate flooring is an attractive option that is easy to install and maintain. Engineered wood floors should only be installed by a professional.
  • Engineered wood adds a luxurious look to any room, as its surface rivals that of genuine hardwood. Laminate flooring sometimes gives itself away as a synthetic material, but is still quite attractive.
  • Laminate flooring is not susceptible to scratch marks, and therefore is perfect for households with pets. Engineered hardwood flooring is better in homes where pets do not reside, as it is vulnerable to scratch marks.
  • Both types of flooring are relatively easy to clean and maintain, but laminate flooring requires the use of specific cleaners or its lifespan may be significantly impacted. If you choose an engineered wood floor, it should be cleaned and maintained with the same approach you would use for a solid hardwood floor.
  • Engineered wood flooring is a bit costlier than laminate flooring, but adds more resale value to your home.

Ultimately, both types of flooring are durable and stylish options and installing them in any room of your home is a worthwhile endeavor. Contact a professional at our tile store in Anaheim to help you determine which type of floor is best for your needs and enjoy the reward of a more beautiful and valuable home.

Top Interior Design Trends for This Fall

Autumn 2019 is right on target to be one of the most fun decorating seasons in quite some time. Here’s what we discovered when we asked our favorite interior designers about their top picks for this fall:

Edison Bulb String Lights

edison bulb string lights

Regardless of which designers we spoke to, Edison lighting popped up again and again. The homeowners we talked to at our tile store in Anaheim are loving the nostalgic design of Edison bulb string lights, which are especially homey and ideal for areas such as the kitchen, living room, study or work area. 

You can get Edison bulbs in contemporary LED variations if you want bulbs that use less power and don’t burn out as fast. However, incandescent Edison bulbs are still available on today’s market if you crave the authentic experience. 

Cacti and Succulents as Decorations

a counter of cacti plants

The designers we spoke to were all about decorating with succulents and cacti this fall. Pulling in those elements with their fantastic colors and textures can create virtually any mood, from sophisticated tranquility to quirky fun. 

Additionally, because you can build this look one plant at a time, it is also an enjoyable, creative fall project. Cacti and succulents lend themselves well to essentially any decor and are also easy on the budget. With all this in mind, it is not difficult to see why designers recommend this look for the new season.

Patterned Tiles Enjoy Popularity Surge

We were especially interested in tile trends this year and what designers are saying can’t be ignored: patterned tile is the perfect way to add interest and character to any space in your home. Always nudging into the limelight, patterned tiles have never really lost popularity among consumers. 

If you follow design trends even occasionally, you have likely seen patterned tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. 

Choose from cool or warm colors and simple or sophisticated patterns. Regardless of your personal preferences you can’t lose with this popular look.

Matte Finishes Steal the Show

The votes are in, and matte is back. Just when we thought shiny metals such as chrome were here to stay, matte finishes are suddenly stealing the show. The word among our favorite designers is that these non-glossy finishes are upstaging their flashy counterparts in many ways. 

Pastels, chalky grays, and white and black matte paints are leading the pack, as they pair very naturally with this fall’s furniture trends.

The velvety sheen of these finishes offers the perfect contrast to the sleek surface and natural walnut tones of mid-century wood furniture. They also create dramatic contrast to glamour elements, such as high-nap and medium-nap textiles, clear acrylic, and polished and burnished metals.  

Retro Decorations

Take a peek at the interiors with the most likes on Instagram, and you’ll notice many pieces of retro decor. This is because classic items such as hanging chairs, vintage globes, and teak consoles add character and charm to contemporary spaces.

 In fact, incorporating a mix of decorative styles from more than one era is a trick of the trade according to our favorite  designers. Especially popular this year is the relaxed, bohemian nature of the ’70s, which, according to the experts at our tile store in Anaheim, is an eclectic mix of nature inspired materials, such as exotic woods and textured fabrics.

5 Reasons to Choose Cement Pavers for Your Next Landscaping Project

walkway of cement pavers

Each summer we talk to a multitude of homeowners who visit our tile store in Anaheim looking to invest in better landscaping for their property. Often times these homeowners are overwhelmed with the virtually limitless range of materials from which to choose.

When considering the advantages and disadvantages of the various options available, the experts at our Anaheim tile store believe that concrete pavers are an essentially foolproof choice. Pavers of this kind are widely used for many reasons, and the following are some of the top benefits with which they are associated:

A Cost Effective Choice

Concrete pavers are cost effective with regard to both the material itself and the fees associated with the installation. Such pavers are almost always more affordable than pavers made from sandstone, granite or clay. For this reason, if you are looking for ways to avoid overspending, but do not want to sacrifice the beauty of your property, concrete pavers are an excellent choice.

Exceptional Durability and Longevity

One of the most popular benefits associated with concrete pavers is their 50+ year life expectancy. This outstanding longevity is likely due to the fact that such pavers are approximately four times stronger than poured concrete, and far more durable than clay or sandstone. Therefore, once you have pavers of this type installed, you can enjoy them for many future decades without having to worry about major repairs or replacement.

Flexibility That Adjusts to Weather and the Environment

An interlocking concrete paver system is extremely flexible, and therefore resists cracking and seismic distortion, which can occur when temperatures soar and then return to a moderate range. Where poured concrete is concerned, there is a distinct lack of flexibility, which can result in cracking and shrinking over time, particularly during the heart of summer. This is even the case with asphalt, although the latter is a bit more flexible than other options. Because concrete pavers allow for movement, they are virtually indestructible. This weather resistant feature makes them a long-lasting option, regardless of how high temperatures soar or the amount of sunshine to which they are exposed.

Available in Numerous Colors and Shapes

The color and style possibilities of concrete pavers are almost limitless. Because they are designed to look like naturally occurring materials, essentially anything you have in mind can become a reality for your property. Some of the styles you are likely to see in a tile store in Anaheim include those that look like clay brick or stone. Choose from earth tones that harmonize with any decor or select light colored pavers to provide a cool surface around pool decks or patios. You may also decide to use two or more colors or textures for one project to create something entirely unique. Regardless of the style you select, concrete pavers easily blend into your property’s natural landscape, and ultimately provide beauty, elegance, and functionality.

Easy and Affordable Maintenance and Repair

The maintenance and repair of concrete pavers is easy, simple, and affordable. Overall, such pavers are a very low maintenance option; however, if something unexpected occurs and a paver should become stained or damaged, you can simply buy a new paver at a tile store and use it to replace the damaged one. You may also opt to repair the paver by lifting the affected area and re-compacting and re-grading the bedding sand and base, and then reinstalling the paver. Fortunately, this is not an expensive process and it does not leave unsightly repair patches behind. On the other hand, maintenance and repair of poured concrete or asphalt is far more complex, which is just one more benefit of concrete pavers.

Best Interior Design Trends of 2019

A remodeled kitchen

If you are like most people, you occasionally change your home’s decor to give your living space a fresh, new look. Fortunately, the experts at our tile store in Anaheim have learned that most of the popular 2019 interior design trends are cost effective and easy to implement. Below are some options you may find appealing when planning to update the look of your home:

Neutral Colors are Back

Toning down a loud or busy room with a neutral color is a trend that is on the rise for 2019. Choosing a neutral shade to repaint a room that has become shabby is also a great way to give the area a facelift without overspending.

Geometric Patterns

The use of cool geometric patterns has become more popular than ever among homeowners this summer, thanks to the simplicity and aesthetic appeal of such designs. Ultimately, the repetition of geometric patterns, both large or small, is virtually always pleasing to the eye.

For more information, you can also check out our recent blog about patterned tiles! In 2019 we have seen a huge influx in the amount of interest our customers have in patterned marble tiles.

White Wood

One of the best avenues through which to embrace summer and lighten up your home is to switch out dark trim and furniture for fresh, white options. Consider painting wooden trim, chairs, window panes, and any other dark wood area with semi-gloss, white paint. This trend has taken the summer market by storm and is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to “lighten up” for the season.

Fabulous Florals

Floral patterns are a classic, elegant option that have stood the test of time among homeowners everywhere. However, summer of 2019 has brought a modernized floral pattern to the world of home interiors. If flowers appeal to you, go big and bold this year with beautiful colors and over-sized prints. Tiny patterns are out and the new floral designs feature larger-than-life petals in more than one color. Floral patterns are perfect for backsplashes, as well as patio tiles, and pool tiles.

Curved Furniture

Soft lines for furniture are wildly popular again. After years of abstract and modern lines dominating the market, curvy, sumptuous shapes and materials are back in style. Think rounded edges, plush velvet, and graceful lines. As an extra bonus, curved furniture pieces have a more welcoming feeling than those with sharp lines or edges.

Window Treatments

Because summer is the best time to bring natural light into your dwelling, consider keeping a few of your most prominent windows free of treatments. This basic, Scandinavian approach to decor is all the rage this year, and allows you to create a simple, yet elegant appearance to a room while enjoying an unobstructed view of the beautiful outdoors.

Rich, Vibrant Green

The popularity of rich, earthy greens is absolutely on the rise in houses all across the country. Because of its association with nature, green symbolizes renewal, growth and life, and always engages the senses in a positive way. This universally loved color works well in virtually any area of your home.

Adding houseplants is also an excellent way to infuse a splash of green into any room in your dwelling. However, if you are not blessed with a green thumb, do not despair. High quality silk trees and plants are readily available on today’s home interiors market.

Go DIY or Hire a Decorator

Many of the options mentioned above can be completed as DIY projects or if it is affordable, you may choose to have an interior designer do the work. Regardless of your personal taste or budget, however, you would likely agree that redecorating your home this summer is a worthwhile endeavor.

If you are looking to get your home ready for summer and need help with your design project, call our tile store in Anaheim today!

Why Patterned Tiles Are 2019’s Top Trend

The team at our tile store in Anaheim have noticed that patterned tile is one of the strongest interior design trends of 2019. There are many reasons for its recent surge in popularity, including the fact that patterned tile has a major impact wherever it is placed. Therefore, it can quickly turn an otherwise drab area into a striking room. It brings a contemporary flair to any space, but also boasts a timeless quality that ensures it will remain stylish for many future years. Below are some additional reasons for the surging popularity of patterned tile:

Limitless Choices

Because of advances in technology, consumers can find virtually any pattern they have in mind when shopping for tile. They can even order customized tiles to reflect the exact colors and designs they prefer.  

Patterned Tiles Ideal for Any Size Space

Patterned tiles can be used in virtually any size space, from big to small. Regardless of where such tiles are placed, they have a huge impact on the room’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Go Grand or Basic

Whether it is a simple backsplash and residential floor or a large commercial project, the effect of a great tile pattern is immensely gratifying. From simple patterns to intricate designs and colors, patterned tile is a terrific choice regardless of the scale of the project.

The Perfect Way to Add Color

The appearance of neutral themed rooms can be instantly enhanced with the addition of a patterned tile floor in bold colors. From black and white designs, to primary shades such as red and blue, colored tiles create an enticing look and instantly add a stylish flare to any decor. Those who are unsure about whether they want to make a long-term commitment to a certain color pattern should simply consider tiles with a few neutral shades mixed in so that the room’s color scheme can be changed at a later point in time.

Ideal for Businesses

Patterned tile is currently trending among business owners as well, as it enhances customers’ experience by being visually stimulating. This is why most interior designers agree that it is the ideal choice for use in commercial settings.

The Timeless Effect of Patterned Tile

Ultimately, however, the primary reason patterned tile is currently so popular is its timelessness: in future years, it will have the same aesthetic appeal it has today, a trait that is advantageous to any consumer. However, those who are considering investing in one or more new tile floors should keep in mind that quality craftsmanship is important when selecting tile. Well manufactured, high-end tiles are usually worth the extra expense in the long run. A good designer can achieve outstanding results with patterned tile, making it a failsafe choice for virtually any consumer who wants a beautiful and enduring look for his or her home or office.

Our tile store in Anaheim carries a wide selection of patterned tiles in a variety of materials like marble, porcelain, travertine and more! Call our experts today at (714) 284-0118 to help choose out the right tile for your project.

Best Tiles for Outdoor Patios

At our tile store in Anaheim, we’ve helped a lot of folks improve their home’s resale value by improving their outdoor patio. Fortunately, it is fairly simple to update the look of any patio by adding a beautiful and durable tile floor. Because outdoor tile is now widely considered an integral part of a home’s exterior design, there are many options available on today’s market from which to choose. However, some materials work better than others in outdoor spaces. The following are some of the best kinds of tile for an outdoor patio or similar area:

Ceramic Tile

Traditional ceramic floor tiles can be a great choice for outdoor patios. Ceramic is a mixture of many different natural materials, including clay. Extremely tough and difficult to crack, ceramic is both a sturdy and aesthetically appealing substance, and typically keeps its attractive appearance for many years. Nevertheless, it is important to note that ceramic tile can be damaged if it is subjected to constant abuse. However, for patios that are used lightly or in homes where no children reside, this kind of tile is an outstanding choice.

Travertine Tile

Travertine is a type of natural stone that features earth-tone colors. It is regarded as a form of limestone, and is mined around natural mineral springs. It is a beautiful and durable option, and its characteristics include an interesting pitted surface. Its unique appearance and sturdiness make it a top choice for use outdoors. The quality of travertine varies considerably, however, depending on numerous factors, such as where it was quarried. Therefore, it is a good idea for homeowners to ask questions about the grade and caliber of any travertine tile before making a final decision.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is an especially strong and dense form of ceramic. For this reason, porcelain is perfect for patios or for use in other outdoor applications. The most appropriate choices in this category are matt, textured tiles that do not feature a particularly glossy surface, as a high gloss finish may become slick if it gets wet. Prices vary widely for this kind of tile, depending on numerous factors. Therefore, it is easy find some type of porcelain patio tile to fit any lifestyle or budget. A classic favorite, it is difficult to go wrong with this option.

Limestone Tile

Limestone is a popular sedimentary rock that is favored among many homeowners and contractors for its beauty and practicality. Its natural characteristics make it excellent at reflecting heat, which means it is ideal for outdoor patios in warm climates. Limestone also has an interesting and attractive appearance, but it is a bit softer than porcelain or travertine. Therefore, it should be sealed to prevent stains.

Marble Tile

Marble is a well loved stone among homeowners everywhere. It is the world’s second hardest natural stone and is very resilient and durable. Marble patio tiles can be found with polished or rough finishes, and classic marble veining make this material a beautiful choice for essentially any patio or outdoor recreation area. However, similar to limestone, marble tile does need to be sealed after it is installed.

Ultimately, tile is a terrific way to beautify an outdoor patio, as well as make it easier to clean and maintain. The options outlined above are great choices that are guaranteed to enhance the appearance of virtually any dwelling.

Top Kid-Friendly Flooring Solutions

child coloring on floor

If you have children, you know how hard they can be on most types of flooring. Whether from the accidents and spills that occur when they are very young, or the constant foot traffic you can expect during their teen years, your floors are continuously put to the test. Damage from the use of toys, mud and dirt tracked in from outside, and spills and stains from beverages and food can all make the floors in your home quickly lose their attractive appearance. That’s why the experts at our tile store in Anaheim, have put together this list of the top flooring options that are child-friendly:

Child-Friendly Flooring Solutions

Fortunately, certain flooring options are much more child-friendly than others, making it easier than you may think to have floors that are capable of retaining a beautiful surface even with a house full of youngsters. Some especially good options include porcelain, quartz, and certain types of natural stone. Below are some of the most kid-friendly flooring materials available on today’s market:

Traffic-Resistant Quartz

Quartz flooring is an all-natural flooring solution comprised of calcium carbonate and quartz sand. It is this unique combination that gives it its beautiful, luxurious appearance. However, quartz is also one of Earth’s hardest materials, and therefore is a great choice for areas that receive heavy foot traffic. If you have teenagers who are constantly on the go, you can rest assured that quartz flooring will withstand the daily wear and tear their foot traffic brings.

Tough Porcelain

Because porcelain tile is engineered specifically for toughness, it is also a perfect option for households with children and for use in high traffic areas. It has a particularly hard surface, which makes it highly resistant to scratches and other types of damage. It is also a spill resistant choice, which is another great child-friendly feature. The tough surface of this type of flooring ensures that it will retain its beautiful appearance year after year.

Stain-Resistant Stone

Stone tile is naturally resistant to daily wear and tear. This is especially true regarding harder materials such as granite. For this reason, natural stone is a stylish option for essentially any room in your dwelling, and many varieties keep their beautiful finish in spite of high activity. However, slate, travertine and other natural types of stone at the softer end of the spectrum may require more maintenance to prevent the signs of wear and tear from becoming apparent. Therefore, you should carefully review all your options when considering natural stone tile to make sure you find one that is stain resistant and able to hold up well under heavy foot traffic.

The aforementioned flooring materials are versatile as well as attractive, offering the ideal combination of benefits to homeowners with children. Finally, all of the options mentioned above can be found in various shades, making it easy to find one that blends well with your home’s existing decor. You can also find all of these options at our Anaheim tile store! Call us today so we can help you choose the perfect tile flooring for your project!

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Tile Looking Great

woman cleaning tile with tooth brush

Dirty, stained tiles are unattractive regardless of where they are found, and can make your bathroom or kitchen appear dingy and lackluster. Fortunately, it is not difficult to remedy this situation by following a few of the simple tips from the experts at our tile store in Anaheim.

Proper Cleaning Techniques for Tiles

There is a broad range of all-purpose cleaning products available on today’s market with which you can effectively clean your tiles. Always follow the specific directions regardless of which product you choose. As a general rule, for simple cleaning, you should begin by spraying the tiles with a light coating of the selected formula. Allow it to sit on the tiles for approximately fifteen minutes. Then, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down the tiles.

If you prefer natural cleaning solutions, you can create your own formula with the following:

  • One gallon of clean water
  • Quarter cup of borate detergent
  • Half a cup of ammonia
  • Half cup of white vinegar

Once the formula is mixed, place a thin layer of baking soda over your tiles and then add your homemade cleaning solution. Scrub the tiles until all dirt and film are removed.

Dealing With Mineral Buildup and Hard Water Stains

If your bathroom tiles have a buildup of limescale or have been affected by hard water stains, you should invest in a mild limescale remover formula. In most cases, extra strength formulas can compromise the protective finish of the tiles, so these should be avoided if possible. If you prefer a natural formula for this task as well, simply dilute a gallon of warm water with half a cup of warmed vinegar and spray a generous coating over the tiles, allowing it to sit for several minutes before rinsing. We also recommend consulting with the staff at your Anaheim tile store to see what their advice is for the specific tile you have in your home.

Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning is perhaps one of the most dreaded household tasks. However, there is a simple, easy and inexpensive way to clean the grout in your home. Simply mix equal parts of cream of tartar and lemon juice until you achieve a thick pasty consistency. Take a soft bristled brush and scrub the grout with the paste until it once again looks like new. There are also commercial grout cleaners available, but this simple homemade remedy is often more effective.

Routine Care Tips to Prevent Stains and Limescale Buildup

Instead of having to indulge in heavy cleaning several times a year, it is easier to simply maintain the cleanliness of your tiles on a regular basis. For example, you should spray down your home’s tiles once every three to four weeks with a solution consisting of one gallon of water to which two tablespoons of all-purpose cleaner is added. Place the solution on the tiles for approximately 15 minutes and then gently wipe with a damp sponge. This activity goes a long way toward preventing heavy stains and the need for excessive cleaning.

Dirty, lackluster tiles can make even the most attractive rooms look dingy and drab. Fortunately, by following the tips outlined above you can keep your tiles looking new and attractive. Finally, if limescale and hard water are serious problems, you may also wish to invest in a water softener or a whole house filtration system.

Five Reasons to Choose Porcelain Tile for Your Next Renovation Project

Empty room with porcelain tile flooringTrying to decide what kind of tile to use in your home can be a challenging endeavor. If you are wondering which type is best for your next renovation project, the experts at our tile store in Anaheim highly recommend that you consider porcelain. Porcelain is created by heating various types of clay to high temperatures, and the innovative techniques used in the manufacturing process have made the substance a suitable choice for use on floors and in other areas of your home. Below are some reasons why porcelain tile makes a great choice for your next remodeling project:

Porcelain Tile is Beautiful

If you are redecorating and want to add a beautiful touch to your dwelling, porcelain tile is a great choice. Not only does it come in a variety of colors and designs, it makes a lovely addition to numerous surfaces in your dwelling, such as floors and walls. It can also be used as a decorative border in a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, it adds a beautiful touch to ceilings, back splashes, countertops, and can even be used as a lovely border around outdoor fountains.


Because porcelain is dense, hard and water resistant, it offers exceptional durability. This makes it the perfect choice for high traffic areas of your home that may be prone to extra wear and tear. Its water resistant surface makes it an excellent option for bathrooms and kitchens as well.

Easy to Maintain

Porcelain tile is also exceptionally easy to maintain. It does not chip in freezing temperatures or warp in warm temperatures. For this reason, you do not have seasonal repairs that are often necessary with wood flooring or ceramic tiles. Additionally, the folks at our tile store in Anaheim mentioned that if normal cleaning measures are implemented, you need not worry about the tiles staining or becoming scratched.

A Variety of Options

Most homeowners are happy to discover that there is an abundance of options from which to choose when selecting porcelain tile. This is because unlike carpeting or wood, which are typically one solid color, porcelain tiles can be purchased in essentially any design or pattern you desire. For this reason, it is not difficult for most consumers to find a tile that is appealing.

A Cost Effective Choice

Porcelain tile holds off moisture and does not chip and crack as easily as other types of decorative materials. Additionally, it holds up well as flooring option, even in high traffic areas. Because of the exceptional durability associated with porcelain tile, it ultimately costs you less money than other options. Naturally, other types of tiles can be purchased for a bit less money, but they must also be replaced more frequently, which leads to wasted time and extra expense.

It is always wise to have porcelain tiles installed by a reliable contractor, as this is the best way to ensure a satisfactory outcome from your renovation project. With proper installation care, porcelain tiles can be used in a variety of ways to add beauty and charm to your home for many years to come.

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