Best Interior Design Trends of 2019

A remodeled kitchen

If you are like most people, you occasionally change your home’s decor to give your living space a fresh, new look. Fortunately, the experts at our tile store in Anaheim have learned that most of the popular 2019 interior design trends are cost effective and easy to implement. Below are some options you may find appealing when planning to update the look of your home:

Neutral Colors are Back

Toning down a loud or busy room with a neutral color is a trend that is on the rise for 2019. Choosing a neutral shade to repaint a room that has become shabby is also a great way to give the area a facelift without overspending.

Geometric Patterns

The use of cool geometric patterns has become more popular than ever among homeowners this summer, thanks to the simplicity and aesthetic appeal of such designs. Ultimately, the repetition of geometric patterns, both large or small, is virtually always pleasing to the eye.

For more information, you can also check out our recent blog about patterned tiles! In 2019 we have seen a huge influx in the amount of interest our customers have in patterned marble tiles.

White Wood

One of the best avenues through which to embrace summer and lighten up your home is to switch out dark trim and furniture for fresh, white options. Consider painting wooden trim, chairs, window panes, and any other dark wood area with semi-gloss, white paint. This trend has taken the summer market by storm and is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to “lighten up” for the season.

Fabulous Florals

Floral patterns are a classic, elegant option that have stood the test of time among homeowners everywhere. However, summer of 2019 has brought a modernized floral pattern to the world of home interiors. If flowers appeal to you, go big and bold this year with beautiful colors and over-sized prints. Tiny patterns are out and the new floral designs feature larger-than-life petals in more than one color. Floral patterns are perfect for backsplashes, as well as patio tiles, and pool tiles.

Curved Furniture

Soft lines for furniture are wildly popular again. After years of abstract and modern lines dominating the market, curvy, sumptuous shapes and materials are back in style. Think rounded edges, plush velvet, and graceful lines. As an extra bonus, curved furniture pieces have a more welcoming feeling than those with sharp lines or edges.

Window Treatments

Because summer is the best time to bring natural light into your dwelling, consider keeping a few of your most prominent windows free of treatments. This basic, Scandinavian approach to decor is all the rage this year, and allows you to create a simple, yet elegant appearance to a room while enjoying an unobstructed view of the beautiful outdoors.

Rich, Vibrant Green

The popularity of rich, earthy greens is absolutely on the rise in houses all across the country. Because of its association with nature, green symbolizes renewal, growth and life, and always engages the senses in a positive way. This universally loved color works well in virtually any area of your home.

Adding houseplants is also an excellent way to infuse a splash of green into any room in your dwelling. However, if you are not blessed with a green thumb, do not despair. High quality silk trees and plants are readily available on today’s home interiors market.

Go DIY or Hire a Decorator

Many of the options mentioned above can be completed as DIY projects or if it is affordable, you may choose to have an interior designer do the work. Regardless of your personal taste or budget, however, you would likely agree that redecorating your home this summer is a worthwhile endeavor.

If you are looking to get your home ready for summer and need help with your design project, call our tile store in Anaheim today!