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7 Ways To Save On Your Kitchen Remodel

newly remodeled kitchenKitchen remodeling projects can be a long and expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. By planning ahead and finding ways to cut costs, you can make your next kitchen remodel amazing without breaking the bank.

Start With a Plan

Planning ahead will save you money and time when planning to remodel your kitchen. If you consider all of the elements at once—cabinet refacing, countertop replacement, flooring and appliances, for example—you can often save on the price of materials and labor.

Consider Refacing Instead of Replacing

Ripping out all of your old cabinets and installing new ones can be costly. You can get the same effect by simply refacing your existing ones. When you reface your cabinets, you change all of the doors and handles, giving your kitchen an instant facelift.

Make Your Tile Make a Statement

While new appliances and cabinets make a difference, what really catches the eye is an amazing backsplash. By spending a little more to get the most dramatic tile for your kitchen, you can cut corners in other areas, playing up the tile while downplaying everything else. A backsplash that covers the length of your kitchen countertop is going to catch the eye. We recommend visiting our tile store in Anaheim to pick up materials like marble, granite, or engineered quartz will make sure that your kitchen really stands out.

Light it Up

Installing dramatic lighting is one of the least expensive ways to give your kitchen a facelift without huge expense. Under cabinet lighting, recessed ceiling lights and spotlights make your kitchen look more expensive than it really is. Be sure to highlight the most dramatic areas of the kitchen—like range hoods, countertops, flooring and cabinets while leaving more plain elements in the shadows. Lighting can also make your kitchen look larger, so plan carefully.

Scratch and Dent Won’t Make a Dent in Your Budget

If there is a local appliance retailer that sells “scratch and dent” appliances, look there first for deals. You may be able to score that Viking stainless steel stove for less, or save on a refrigerator with french doors and ice makers. You can often find perfectly beautiful appliances for as much as 80 percent less than retail.

Pay Attention to Detail

You can often do a lot with a little by adding small details that draw attention. Add stone to the side of your kitchen island or invest in interesting barstools. Feature amazing artwork or a conversation piece to make your kitchen remodel look like it cost a fortune.

Make the Floors Come Alive

Instead of replacing your kitchen flooring, consider refinishing it or repairing broken pieces. You can also find inexpensive floor tiles that will make your kitchen really stand out. Find larger tiles that allow you to cover a larger area with less material. The floor is often the first thing people will notice about your kitchen, so make sure the tile is up to date and your floors are clean and shining.

Undergoing a kitchen remodel doesn’t have to break the bank. By focusing on the most important elements and saving on the others, you can have a beautiful kitchen that gets people talking.