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7 Surprising Benefits of Ceramic Tile

a variety of ceramic tile samplesMany people enjoy the look of ceramic tile, but may not be aware that it offers a vast array of practical advantages. Below, the experts from our tile store in Anaheim have listed seven surprising benefits of ceramic tile:

Mildew and Mold Resistant

Mildew and mold must have two distinct things in order to grow and thrive: water and food. For this reason, mold and mildew can proliferate on a variety of substances, including wood, fabric and plasterboard, provided the areas are also moist. This is why mold is often present in kitchens and bathrooms. However, ceramic tile is not hospitable to mold, as such tile is made from inorganic ingredients from which spores cannot gain nourishment.

Improved Air Quality

Everything in a home impacts the air quality within its four walls. Because ceramic tile is manufactured from natural substances and fired at several thousand degrees when it is made, the final product is essentially organic. This means that any area in which ceramic tile is used, volatile organic compounds–VOCs–are not emitted. The lower the number of VOCs, the higher the quality of the air.


Numerous construction materials contain a substance with which most people are familiar, called formaldehyde. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, formaldehyde is linked to a broad range of respiratory disorders, such as asthma, emphysema, and even lung cancer. It is especially dangerous when inhaled by children, the elderly, and anyone whose immune system is in a compromised state. Due to the health threats presented by formaldehyde, its use is severely restricted in many ways. However, certain composite wood products are allowed to emit a specific amount of formaldehyde. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, contain no formaldehyde at all. Therefore, one need not have concerns about this toxic substance when such tile is used.


Those with asthma and allergies often search for hypoallergenic products to avoid exacerbating their symptoms. In warm seasons when pollen and other allergens are rife in the air, some people choose to spend the majority of their time indoors. However, this may expose someone to poor air quality, depending on how clean the indoor air is in his or her particular dwelling. Interestingly, ceramic tile surfaces boost the quality of indoor air as dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens cannot penetrate the surface of ceramic. Rather, they can simply be washed away without the need for harsh cleaners.

Easy To Maintain

Because of its nonporous surface, ceramic tile is easy to maintain in general. Deep scrubbing is rarely necessary, and staining usually does not occur if simple, appropriate maintenance is employed. In most cases, professional cleaning is never necessary for ceramic tile floors.

Slip Resistant Tile

Ceramic tile is often recommended if slip resistant options are preferred. The slip proof film does not detract from the beauty of the tiles, which still appear shiny even though they do not present a slip-and-fall risk. Most manufacturers offer a broad range of slip resistant tiles from which to choose, making it easy for consumers to find an appealing option.

Environmentally Friendly

Ceramic tile has a lifespan of approximately 60 years, which means it is associated with a very small carbon footprint. In most cases, homeowners can go a lifetime without needing to replace their ceramic tile floors unless they wish to do so for re-decorating purposes.


Ceramic tile is also non-flammable, which means if exposed to flame, it will not emit toxic fumes, produce smoke, or burn. Because of this characteristic, it meets virtually all building codes in the United States with regard to fire safety.

Ceramic tile is one of the most efficient materials you can use in your home. If you are ready for your next interior design project, call our Anaheim tile store today! (714) 284-0118