5 tips for the perfect tile in every room

Designing a room can transform a living space, and finding the best tile flooring can bring the entire design together. Choosing your tile flooring can be overwhelming, since the choices of materials, colors, designs, and textures are enormous. If you are in Orange County or searching for a tile store in Anaheim, keep these tips in mind.

Here are five tips to help you choose the best tile for every room.

1) Porcelain tiles are always classic.

Porcelain has been a timeless choice for years due to its design versatility, strength, and resistance to moisture. The great thing about porcelain tiles is that they come in an array of colors, styles, and textures. These include wood or marble looking porcelain tile products, as well as options that have a stronger moisture resistance for kitchen and bathroom designs.

2) Stop slippery tile

Since tile is known to be slick, bathroom and kitchen flooring can tend to be dangerously slippery. Sleek tile is especially an issue if you have elderly people or children in your household. It is essential to look for and install slip-resistant tile in the bathroom and kitchen areas, where water is often an issue. Ensure that you have a proper slip-resistant tile in the shower and bathroom area, where falls and accidents can occur more frequently.

Bathroom tiles to look for are Slate, which is a naturally slip-resistant stone, or a smaller tile such as glass which has grout lines that are textured and prevent slipping. Pebblestone is also a highly textured covering that is visually appealing and slip-resistant.

3) Look at Ceramic Wood as a great alternative.

Everyone loves how hardwood flooring looks but hates the upkeep. A great alternative that requires very little maintenance is ceramic wood tile. Ceramic wood is a great alternative that is scratch and moisture resistant and is highly durable. There are many design options such as reclaimed or distressed wood, which are fantastic for a rustic kitchen look. Another benefit of ceramic wood tile is that it is perfect in the bathroom or shower, where standard hardwood should not be used.

4) Try luxurious stone

You don’t necessarily think of stone when you think of luxury, but this type of tile should be on the top of your list when it comes to your redesign. When you are looking to add an elegant feel to any room, travertine, granite, or marble is a great place to start. Every stone is unique, which will give your room a stunning floor that is rare and has a luxurious feel. These tiles are incomparable for modern designs and work well as impressive, larger-tile sizes. For these types of tiles, make sure to find the correct sealant to ensure a stain-resistant and durable finish.

5.) Make a space larger with lighter colors

Did you know that lighter-colored tiles can create the look and feel of a larger space? If you are trying to create a brighter look for a small living space, look no further than a light marble or porcelain tile in white, beige, or cream. Another room-opening technique is to utilize larger tiles, which can give the appearance of a bigger room. For small bathrooms, be sure to match your grout with the lighter colors to maximize this room-opening look.

With so many options, new flooring is the perfect way to complement your redesign and create a sumptuous look for any living space. When you are looking for a tile store in Anaheim or Orange County, CA remember to take these tips with you to help you make the best decision for your space.