5 Reasons to Choose Cement Pavers for Your Next Landscaping Project

walkway of cement pavers

Each summer we talk to a multitude of homeowners who visit our tile store in Anaheim looking to invest in better landscaping for their property. Often times these homeowners are overwhelmed with the virtually limitless range of materials from which to choose.

When considering the advantages and disadvantages of the various options available, the experts at our Anaheim tile store believe that concrete pavers are an essentially foolproof choice. Pavers of this kind are widely used for many reasons, and the following are some of the top benefits with which they are associated:

A Cost Effective Choice

Concrete pavers are cost effective with regard to both the material itself and the fees associated with the installation. Such pavers are almost always more affordable than pavers made from sandstone, granite or clay. For this reason, if you are looking for ways to avoid overspending, but do not want to sacrifice the beauty of your property, concrete pavers are an excellent choice.

Exceptional Durability and Longevity

One of the most popular benefits associated with concrete pavers is their 50+ year life expectancy. This outstanding longevity is likely due to the fact that such pavers are approximately four times stronger than poured concrete, and far more durable than clay or sandstone. Therefore, once you have pavers of this type installed, you can enjoy them for many future decades without having to worry about major repairs or replacement.

Flexibility That Adjusts to Weather and the Environment

An interlocking concrete paver system is extremely flexible, and therefore resists cracking and seismic distortion, which can occur when temperatures soar and then return to a moderate range. Where poured concrete is concerned, there is a distinct lack of flexibility, which can result in cracking and shrinking over time, particularly during the heart of summer. This is even the case with asphalt, although the latter is a bit more flexible than other options. Because concrete pavers allow for movement, they are virtually indestructible. This weather resistant feature makes them a long-lasting option, regardless of how high temperatures soar or the amount of sunshine to which they are exposed.

Available in Numerous Colors and Shapes

The color and style possibilities of concrete pavers are almost limitless. Because they are designed to look like naturally occurring materials, essentially anything you have in mind can become a reality for your property. Some of the styles you are likely to see in a tile store in Anaheim include those that look like clay brick or stone. Choose from earth tones that harmonize with any decor or select light colored pavers to provide a cool surface around pool decks or patios. You may also decide to use two or more colors or textures for one project to create something entirely unique. Regardless of the style you select, concrete pavers easily blend into your property’s natural landscape, and ultimately provide beauty, elegance, and functionality.

Easy and Affordable Maintenance and Repair

The maintenance and repair of concrete pavers is easy, simple, and affordable. Overall, such pavers are a very low maintenance option; however, if something unexpected occurs and a paver should become stained or damaged, you can simply buy a new paver at a tile store and use it to replace the damaged one. You may also opt to repair the paver by lifting the affected area and re-compacting and re-grading the bedding sand and base, and then reinstalling the paver. Fortunately, this is not an expensive process and it does not leave unsightly repair patches behind. On the other hand, maintenance and repair of poured concrete or asphalt is far more complex, which is just one more benefit of concrete pavers.