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5 Crucial Tips for Remodeling your Bathroom

Newly Remodeled BathroomWhen it comes to home remodels, bathrooms can be especially tricky projects to tackle. To help you create the bathroom of your dreams without (much) trouble, we’ve put together a quick list of 5 crucial mistakes to avoid.

#1: Hiring the wrong kind of Help

Remodeling bathrooms is considered a specialty in the world of construction, and for good reason. A typical bathroom overhaul has dozens of components that must be installed perfectly to ensure a quality finished product. Using a tradesman who builds decks or installs windows will likely not provide the end result you’re hoping for.

We recommend researching companies that specialize in building bathrooms. These installers are trained to anticipate and resolve any potential challenges quickly and without unnecessary expense.

#2: Hiring a contractor without a fixed-price contract

Failing to set a fixed-price contract with the professionals you hire will almost always land you in a bottomless money pit. With each contractor, it is absolutely essential to put into writing a detailed contract that outlines an itemized list and cost breakdown of materials and tasks to be performed.

Without a contract, when changes are made to a project or unexpected issues pop up, a contractor can slam you with high fees for a new job that must be completed before the project can continue. Prices for porcelain tiles and other materials can also change unexpectedly, so a contract can help keep your budget intact.

#3: Putting aesthetics ahead of usability

It’s so easy to get carried away with creating your dream bathroom that you forget to approach things from a practical point of view. However, in any remodel, functionality should always be the main goal. It won’t matter how gorgeous your new marble tiles look if the bathroom counters have a poor layout and the wasted space interferes with your daily routine. Make sure that in planning your design, you remember to consider safety, accessibility, and comfort above everything else.

#4: Cutting corners on sealant

If you choose natural stone, ceramic, or porcelain tiles for your new bathroom flooring, the grout lines must be sealed. Unsealed grout quickly becomes dirty and acts as an ideal breeding ground for mold. Although most improvement stores carry a basic sealant, buying the cheapest version will spell trouble later on.

Our tile store in Anaheim carries the highest quality sealants available, which in many cases are guaranteed for twenty years or more. These new formulas are designed to penetrate and fill grout so that no moisture can enter the space, and come in aerosol cans that can be applied better than using a traditional jug of liquid sealant and sponge.

#5: Choosing the wrong materials

The most important thing to remember when shopping for bathroom remodel materials is that they should be highly durable and water resistant. Although you may love the look of wood or wallpaper now, over time moisture can cause major problems that require costly repairs or replacement. Choose water resistant porcelain or granite tiles, and make sure to install a strong exhaust fan to help get rid of excess moisture.

If you’re ready to learn more about how Trendy Surfaces can help make your dream bathroom a reality, please contact our tile store in Anaheim, Costa Mesa, or Laguna Niguel to set an appointment today.